Author: Andy Hicken

Dr. Hicken has been an innovator in educational technology since 2006. Recently, he has worked with medical societies and other healthcare organizations to develop technology for performance improvement, psychometrics, and lifelong learning. He has served as lead designer on award-winning projects, including the World Anti-Doping Agency’s PlayTrue Challenge game. Andy received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in in 2009, and has conducted two Fulbright-funded research projects on media and culture in Indonesia.

Ten Reasons We’re Excited About MedBiquitous 2017

xAPI MedBiquitous

  I’m very excited to be attending the MedBiquitous annual meeting for the second year in a row. The conference is held each year on the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine campus in Baltimore. This year’s event is June 5-6, and registration is still open. Why do we go? For at least ten reasons: 1. […]

At Healthcare Educators’ Conference, “A Culture of Performance Improvement in Practice”

Culture of Performance Improvement in Practice

The new administration has introduced uncertainty into healthcare education. CME and other forms of continuing education in the health professions have been influenced by the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), and with expected changes to that legislation, educational practitioners naturally wonder about the effects on their field. Specifically, the ACA’s drive toward quality of care has […]

MACRA and MIPS Part II: How Your Medical Education Can Benefit

MACRA and MIPS Part II: Reporting Now that the final rule for the Quality Payment Program has been passed under MACRA, the new Medicare payment program have begun to go into effect. MACRA and the Quality Payment Program have become one of the main discussion topics among physicians and healthcare professionals. How do you qualify […]

Talking Performance Improvement and Certificates with MedBiquitous

certificates and performance improvement

No one involved with continuing education—not learners, not designers, certainly not LMS product owners—likes certificates. One of our best attended webinars ever was The Certificate is Obsolete: New Ways to Track PD, CE and Certification, which covered a couple of new options for reporting on learning activities, specifically Mozilla Open Badges and xAPI. Watch that […]