Award-Winning Advanced Course Development

We specialize in advanced course development ranging from basic online tutorials to highly interactive courseware. We also provide course conversion services and eLearning program evaluation.

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We specialize in advanced course development ranging from basic online tutorials to highly interactive courseware. We also provide course conversion services and eLearning program evaluation. Our consultative approach to eLearning development complements our clients’ internal capabilities and improves training results. We can help you develop courses from start to finish or convert existing instructor-led training into an engaging online course. We specialize in compliance training,  new hire training, product knowledge training, soft skills training and safety training for associations, non-profits, government, corporations in the healthcare, medical societies, insurance, manufacturing and other markets.

Our instructional designers and developers are part of the national movement to adhere to a design manifesto that supports a “no page-turner” philosophy. While there is a place for recorded lectures and downloadable documents in the multimodal online learning sphere, we recommend that when there is significant investment in advanced course development that the final product consists of interactive, high quality learning activities that engage the learner. Coming up with alternatives to basic text and images on every page requires a high degree of instructional design expertise and development skills. Web Courseworks has an arsenal of stock activity engines for clients to choose from. This allows our clients to fulfill their goals in a way that maximizes both use of development technology and time devoted to instructional design of interactivities.

Our project management team has a reputation for documenting our process and delivering disciplined project management. Our grounding in adult learning theory informs our approach to all aspects of eLearning, including content creation, design, and development.


Advanced Course Development

Our rapid content development experience ranges from standalone 30-minute orientation tutorials to 16-week training programs to product simulation training programs. We can design and deliver:

  • Mobile-friendly, SCORM-Compliant, HTML5 Courses
  • Video Production
  • Paper Job Aids

  • Audio Narration
  • Phone Apps
  • Interactivities

Interactivity & Simulations

The quality of our highly engaging, interactive courses has been recognized in the serious game industry and honored by a constituency of the International Academy of the Visual Arts through the Davey Awards with a variety of awards.

Interactivty and simulation examples include:

  • Full conversation simulations
  • Interactive references
  • Performance support tools
  • Branching video scenarios
  • Explanatory videos

  • Interactive case studies
  • Trivia mini-games
  • Gameified memorization
  • Adaptive assessments
  • Complex process maps

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Accessibility and 508

We have over ten years of experience in creating accessible, 508-compliant online training. We combine our best practices for accessibility with 508-compliant courseware, learning management systems, and authoring tools to implement accessibility solutions that include

  • Screen-reader (e.g., JAWS) compatibility
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Consistent tabbing
  • Audio voiceover
  • Transcripts
  • Readable, high-contrast design

Blended eLearning

Web Courseworks is an experienced designer and developer of online and classroom-based, instructor-led training. Many of our instructional designers are experienced classroom instructors who know how to write learning plans that engage learners and delight instructors. We also have a team of highly qualified instructors available to deliver the training in an online and/or classroom-based forum. Our experience lends itself the use of instructor-led training (ILT) as part of blended learning initiatives.

  • Online Instructor-Led Training (OILT)
  • Classroom-Based Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Train-the-Trainer Materials
  • Webinar Design

Training Consultation Services

As part of our broad-based, partnership approach to doing business, we offer consultation tailored to your eLearning initiative goals. Our extensive experience helping organizations make smart learning technology decisions and developing industry–leading online curricula gives us a holistic view of business models, operational practices and educational approaches to eLearning. Our team of consultants have been active in the online learning industry for over 15 years and managed hundreds of learning programs projects.


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Translation & Localization

Web Courseworks thrives in the challenging and competitive global marketplace. We are proud to contribute to the educational mission of global organizations for whom we’ve translated and published our courses in over ten languages using professional translation services and in-house language experts to quickly develop new versions of the course.

Instructional Design Culture


Our primary objective is to give the learner a positive experience. Our foundations are principles of good web design, such as offering a consistent, intuitive interface and enabling non-linear use. We recognize the increasing preference of learners for a visual experience and,  we make images, illustrations, animation and video an integral part of our design. Our humanities approach to design prioritizes visual, textual, auditory and tactile fit equally with programmed features and functionality, recognizing that people learn in different ways.


We favor graphics, animations, learner choice, case studies, performance support and “apply” and “do” activities over extended textual absorption. We recognize that learners engage differently: e.g., most adult learners prefer goal-oriented learning, while younger learners prefer immersive experiences. Where appropriate, our game-based learning practice informs the development of activities for our custom courses.


Our instructional designers are professional writers with a strong grounding in Standard English grammar, style and usage. Each script is double-proofed before it is sent to you for further review. Our pre-development stage includes establishing writing guidelines that fit your corporate identity and meet the learner reading levels and preferences. We harmonize our internal style guides with the standard style guide in the field. We believe learning objectives are a critical component of course design. Our instructional designers are adept flowcharting intricate branching simulations and writing creative back stories.


Our instructional designers are committed to our iterative design and development process, with its emphasis on collaboration and achievement milestones. We are committed to starting from identification of learning objectives and building curricula that begin with knowledge and comprehension and build to higher-level learning such as analysis and evaluation. We recognize that eLearning projects often must strike a balance between multiple agendas, and we are experienced in helping to find that balance.


We use a proven staggered development process for large-scale course projects, and our dedication to best practices in instructional design enables us to quickly scale up projects. A staggered development cycle offers significant production, time, and cost savings by keeping all project team members working in their respective areas of expertise simultaneously.

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