Managing training in the LMS to meet industry-specific compliance requirements

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) – The terms compliance training and one-stop-shop usually cannot be used in the same sentence. But with CourseStage, they can. Each year over 80,000 health insurance professionals across the country take AHIP’s Medicare Training to satisfy government-mandated compliance requirements. CourseStage LMS manages this process and tracks and reports data for government review.

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Compliance and Certification Delivered Through CourseStage LMS

Government, industry and legally–mandated compliance requirements fuel the need for professionals in the healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, construction, other industries and their training providers to adhere to strict guidelines that affect their day-to-day work.

For these groups, the targeted focus of a Learning Management System is to facilitate the launching, tracking and reporting of learner certification. CourseStage LMS has more robust learning features than the typical talent management system incorporates for training. CourseStage LMS has features to track professional development, to allow learners to self-assess their progress and to suggest knowledge on-demand to improve competency.

CourseStage LMS supports compliance and certification related to:

  • Continuing Education (CE) and Professional Development (PD) Programs
  • Compliance Training
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs

Why CourseStage for Compliance and Certification

Continuing Education (CE) & Professional Development (PD) Programs

CourseStage LMS is a learning management system built specifically for associations. It has all the professional development features that an association needs to offer course credit to member learners and to generate non-dues revenue in a manner that seamlessly communicates with the association’s association management system (AMS) and builds a community of knowledge for its membership base.

Association members demand a high return on their professional development. Offering continuing education programs that meet their needs requires an easy-to-use system that manages and displays their progress. CourseStage continuing education (CE) program management allows client administrators to control the type of credits learners earn for completing a course, the length of time credits are valid, and to create the printable certificate that they earn. CourseStage can handle advanced credit scenarios that allow users in the same course to earn different credit types and claim varying amounts of credit

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Compliance Training

In addition to traditional LMS features for launching and tracking training, CourseStage allows you, as an administrator, to format the system for your specific compliance training needs. You are able to set up specific training tracks and auto-enroll learners based on their profile information. Attendance at place-based compliance training can also be tracked in CourseStage. CourseStage’s enterprise structure allows administrators to build a network of managers and learners for whom training reports are segmented to maintain data integrity. Aggregate certificates can be provided for compliance certification years.

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Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs

Healthcare reform has changed the medical provider certification requirements and processes. CourseStage Health provides all the necessary features for association continuing medical education (CME) providers to document and automate their processes to satisfy these requirements. You can offer lifelong learning, self-assessment courses and practice performance assessment and improvement activities; and then report on Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points for CME accredited courses to learners’ boards and performance improvement activities.

We implement a range of CME-claiming and MOC reporting processes that fit our association clients’ business requirements. These include providing CME claiming for accredited CME and MOC activities within CourseStage LMS itself. We have developed an MOC reporting feature to allow learners to report MOC quiz results to their boards directly. The system pulls course data for administrators to generate an auto-populated ACCME PARS compatible report.

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