“Training and learning management solutions that improve employee performance”

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) – Each year over 80,000 health insurance professionals across the country take AHIP’s Medicare Training to satisfy government-mandated compliance requirements. The LMS manages the process by tracking and reporting data for government review.

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Solutions for Financial Services & Insurance

Web Courseworks has many years’ experience working with organizations in the financial services and insurance industries. We’re committed to helping you provide more effective and efficient training and learning management solutions to improve employee performance in those areas most important to you.

On-the-Job Training

We can help you develop your employee training program for whatever skill set you want to build in your employees. Whether it’s safety and compliance; leadership, customer service, and soft skills; technical product knowledge; orientation and onboarding; business processes and sales training; or something else entirely, we have many years’ experience in course design and development: we can help you develop your on-the-job training.

Robust Course Catalog

Web Courseworks understands the challenges that education managers face when given the task of launching and maintaining a successful online professional development program. Part of the challenge is offering quality courses on professionally relevant topics, while also providing a robust, user-friendly, curriculum catalog from which learners can select courses. We maintain a constantly growing catalog of 150+ SCORM-compliant, online training courses on common workforce development topics. We are also experienced in developing advanced courses for specialized topics not found in a typical course catalog.

Improve Employee Performance

Training improves job performance. Using our learning management system, CourseStage, you can easily manage all your employees’ training. Because of our many years’ experience in course development, we are also able to create the courses necessary to provide the training.

Talent Management

Developing and improving your employees’ skills are crucial to maintaining an effective workforce. Using CourseStage, we can help you develop your employees’ talents and continued growth within the company.


CourseStage has the ability to integrate with virtually any system that makes its API available, including human resources information systems, customer relationship management systems, and enterprise resource planning systems.

Certification Management

Grant and track learners’ credits through CourseStage LMS. CourseStage specify which type of certification a particular type of learner should receive, awards credit and provides the learner with a certificate of completion.