“It’s not enough to measure and report, an LMS delivering CME must support quality improvement.”

American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) – CourseStage is currently used by the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) to deliver both ACCME-accredited CME and board-accredited MOC activities.

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Solutions for Healthcare Associations & Medical Societies

Our clients use CourseStage HEALTH to document and automate their processes for offering lifelong learning, self-assessment courses and to practice performance assessment and improvement. Their CourseStage HEALTH systems report MOC points for CME accredited courses to their boards and performance improvement activities.

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Focus on Healthcare Education

The healthcare-association space is a strategic focus for Web Courseworks, and we continue to invest resources for our growing market presence. CourseStage HEALTH’s strong feature set as an LMS allows CME education providers to build out their activities exactly as they want to without confine. We have custom-built CourseStage for healthcare and medical specialty associations, with features like continuing education management, transcripts and certificates built into the system. CourseStage is ideal for deploying contemporary, engaging learning content and products, and provides robust administrative tools to track utilization and provide statistics on learner performance for funding bodies.

Proven Support for CME and MOC Activities

CourseStage is currently used by medical specialty societies to deliver both ACCME-accredited CME and board-accredited MOC activities. They use CourseStage in innovative ways at its annual meeting to offer self-paced SCORM modules at self-study stations set up in the conference hall, to deliver pre- and post-tests in selected live sessions, and even for faculty in face-to-face simulations to rate learner performance in real time. Many clients run frequent live sessions in multiple locations around the country and use the LMS for pre-tests, post-tests, evaluations, and content delivery. Our clients have implemented a range of CME-claiming and MOC reporting processes that fit their business requirements.

Advanced Testing Features

Highlights of our functionality include a wide range of question types, multimedia support, advanced statistical reporting, question banks for easy re-use in multiple exams, and the ability to create quizzes that randomly draw from categories of questions in sitewide question banks. Medical-focused features include peer benchmarking, reliability and pre-post analysis reporting, and sitewide items analysis.

Seamless Integrations

We have a dedicated integration team that has integrated CourseStage with dozens of eCommerce platforms, association management systems, content management systems, and custom-built databases. We view each integration as a separate project, not an afterthought, and develop seamless single sign-on, write-back of transcript data, and eCommerce integration.