Responsive Learning Technology for Mobile Delivery

Mobile solutions have become an integral part of online learning. In particular, tablet device allow learners more educational flexibility, and can serve either a primary or supplementary role during the learning process. Learners have come to expect tablet versions due to their ease of use and accessibility. We understand how important mobile platforms are, and we recognize that mobile learning requires strategic planning and the right features for its delivery to be effective. We fully embrace mobile development and work to create an intuitive, engaging, responsive learning experience that is truly next-gen.

Why responsive design for mobile learners

Miniaturize Content

Content chunking is a widely recognized best practice for breaking up lengthy material while managing the scope of the information. Using this technique of “bite-sized” content controls the volume of content accessed on a mobile device at any moment and makes it easier to digest in short bursts.

Synchronize Accessibility

Learners can begin a course on their desktop, pause, and pick up where they left off on an iOS®, or Android™ mobile smartphone or tablet without missing a beat.

Mobile First

Our team of developers takes a mobile-first approach to our CourseStage LMS application and course development design. For us, mobile-first means, simply, thinking first of how our products will work on a touchscreen device in an on-the-job setting that allows for learning anywhere without sacrificing quality or content. Using a mobile-first approach ensures the ease of laptop and desktop compatibility. It is actually easier to develop for mobile devices and then add laptop and desktop functionality than it is to add mobile compatibility as a secondary measure.

Social via Mobile

Take advantage of opportunities that open up when learners have access to their learning 24/7 through their mobile devices. Increased engagement in conversation and collaboration using mobile friendly social tools contribute to the overall eLearning program success.

Mobile Products & Services

Tablet-Responsive LMS

CourseStage LMS gives learners the flexibility to access the platform on either a tablet or traditional desktop platform. When viewed on a tablet device, the LMS oeprates as a touch-friendly interface ideal for small screen sizes without sacrificing functionality. Learners can complete every task in the LMS that they would on a desktop on their mobile device without having to download an application. This personalized experience gives learners even greater flexibility to complete their training when it’s most convenient for them.

  CourseStage LMS

Responsive Course Templates

A responsive LMS is not very useful if the course content offered in the LMS is not compatible with tablet devices. With our responsive course templates, content will adapt to screen size automatically, optimizing the experience for viewing and consumption on the learner’s device. Associations can deliver their e-Learning to a wider range of clients and keep them engaged in learning rather than engaged in trying to zoom in and out and click tiny buttons on a touch screen. Mobile platforms are an ideal solution for eLearning programs that include performance support, reference tools, and job aids. Organizations can disburse their eLearning investment to reach more devices in a way that maximizes accessibility and ease of use.

  Course Development

Mobile Apps

Developing applications native to mobile devices is important in order to give the learner the best possible mobile experience. We are able to develop custom apps that will supplement the online learning experience in an easy-to-use interface.

Supplementary Material

Some learners prefer to take courses in the traditional desktop environment, but still want to learn and review on the go. That’s where supplementary materials for tablet devices come in handy. Instead of taking full courses on their tablet devices, students can review flashcards, answer quiz questions, reference glossaries, and more: great complements to full-length courses.