"While this looks like a very nice strategy, it also has worked exceptionally well."

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) leverages the CourseStage system to support their multi-site enterprise that provides secure environments for their member organizations and institutions. Each memberorganization’s system managers can track the progress of their learners without having access to the entire enterprise.

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Scale Learning Across an Enterprise

With CourseStage, organizations can meet the changing needs of their member organizations and institutions with one LMS, one code base and one vendor. CourseStage lets you start with a single site and expand to provide a secure environment for each of your member organizations and institution. Organization system managers can track the progress of their learners without having access to the entire enterprise.

Further scaling up allows your member organizations and institutions to put together their own educational content only available to their learners. CourseStage functions as a one-stop-shop with the core competency content generated by the association for learner compliance training.

Why a multi-site enterprise

Establish an End-to-End Solution

Become the system of record, the one-stop-shop, the leading source of education in your market that only requires learners to click once to access your training in addition to that established by their organization or institution. The easier the system is for learners to access, to meet their educational requirements and to become certified, the more they will utilize your program. Increase your learner reach with a user-friendly, intuitive system. It’s all connected; it’s all seamless.


Create a Digital Learning Ecosystem

Every company has its own products, services and nuanced training, but core competencies must still be met. Your member organization or institution has its own curriculum, but CourseStage allows you to integrate your learning management system and your courses into that curriculum. Integrating your own core competency product as a part of the overall training strategy of a member organization or institution as a key training component creates a reciprocal ecosystem of success.

Co-Brand Site Design

CourseStage provides a personalized, branded look for every member organization and institution of the association that is utilizing the association programs: partnership at work. When learners navigate to the association site to take training, they know they are taking the association’s training, but they also recognize that they are taking courses created by the member organization or institution to which they belong.

Provide Smooth Learner Usability

Learners reap the benefits of an intelligently programmed, smooth end user experience. Even within multiple systems, they can track their progress in one location. The co-branding provides clarity for learners who may belong to one or more member organizations or institutions and need to know whose training they are completing.

Reach Educational Products’ Target Audiences

As the super administrator of each site entity, you control the available advertising space on the login page and user dashboard of each site. Use it to communicate with your learners: gain credibility for your educational programs and cross-market any other association initiatives, products, and conferences, etc. Introduce new courses to your target audience the moment they are ready.

Remote Course Delivery

Associations no longer have to spend time packaging licensed content and tracking the delivery of updated versions of their courses to purchasers. Using the learning management system, the association can control and monitor the user groups who have access to their course content through the site interface.

Maintain Data Integrity in Reporting

Each entity has its own, separate site database. Maintaining data integrity is particularly crucial in markets with strict compliance regulations. Compliance officers must adhere to these regulations; there cannot be any data errors. Transparent reporting is of the utmost importance. CourseStage is designed to meet these regulations, while also guaranteeing that data transmission occurs between the requisite sites to ensure that courses are completed in each before certification is granted.