“Association Management System (AMS) integration was key to providing members with a streamlined learning experience”

CCIM Institute – This association’s primary motive for adopting a new LMS was to offer learners formal online programs to prepare for an industry accreditation exam. They needed a feature-rich platform. Integration with CCIM’s existing systems, including Personify AMS, was key to providing members with a streamlined online learning experience.

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Systems Integration with CourseStage LMS

We have an experienced, dedicated integration team that has integrated CourseStage with dozens of association management system instances, eCommerce platforms, webinar platforms, content management systems, and custom-built databases. Using standard PHP libraries, we can integrate CourseStage with virtually any software that exposes an API. Integrations may use SOAP web services or flat file exchange. We view each integration as a separate project, not an afterthought to an LMS implementation.

Why integrated SaaS is better

How most educational technology works:

Segmented User Experience

Users spend time logging in and out of the multiple systems they must access to complete their training: leaving multiple, inconsistent user profiles in their wake.

Siloed Reporting Databases

Every educational technology tool has its own way of tracking learner progress. Users cannot easily calculate their current credit count without assistance from association staff.

Administrative Burden

Learner performance data and profile information can end up being stored in many different databases. So many association professionals spend copious amounts of time performing manual update processes, which should be handled by their SaaS solution.

How CourseStage LMS works:

Unified, branded experience.

 CourseStage integration includes implementation of single sign-on, linked profile data from system to system, as well as to provide association specific branding for the LMS interface to unify the navigation experience.

Harmonized Reporting.

Usually, an LMS is not the system of record for association member transcript information. However, CourseStage will automatically transmit LMS transcript data to an AMS. Alternatively, CourseStage has the flexibility to let external systems report data to it.

Linked, Automated Functionality.

CourseStage’s extensible structure works well with external systems like AMSes (Personify, netFORUM, iMIS, ClearVantage, Aptify, etc.) and webinar platforms (WebEx, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, etc.). This allows for the tracking of learner progress and data in a linked, automated fashion.

Association Management System (AMS) Integration

Web Courseworks offers two-way integration between CourseStage LMS and AMSes. Web Courseworks has successfully integrated five different AMSes with CourseStage: iMIS, netFORUM, Personify, ClearVantage and Aptify.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Users log in through the AMS and are automatically signed in when accessing CourseStage.

Linked Accounts

Member demographic information is passed from the the AMS database and reflected in the user’s CourseStage profile.

eCommerce Purchase

Once a course is purchased from the AMS eCommerce catalog, connectivity to the course in Coursestage is seamless.

Continuing Education (CE, CME, CEU, etc.)

Course start and completion dates, final score, and CE credits are transmitted from a user’s CourseStage transcript to the AMS.

AMS Partnerships

We pride ourselves in the diversity and depth of integrations we’ve done with CourseStage and AMS solutions. To date, we’ve integrated CourseStage with five major AMSes: iMIS, netFORUM, Personify, Aptify and ClearVantage. During these experiences we have worked directly with client IT staff, AMS staff, and authorized AMS solution providers.

Web Courseworks forms partnerships with AMS providers for the benefit of the clients we both serve. Web Courseworks is a Personify Solution Partner and Abila Product Partner.

Webinar Platform Integration

CourseStage does not have native Webinar or Webcast capabilities. This is intentional. We believe in integrating “best of breed” solutions. We find that each client we work with already has a preferred webinar platform that they use across their organization and that they want to continue using as they introduce a new LMS to their eLearning initiative. CourseStage has been integrated with Citrix products like GoToWebinar, WebEx and others.

Single Sign-On

Users are not required to login or register in the webinar platform before accessing a session.

Launch Tracking

Administrators in the LMS can verify that users accessed a session.


Recording Archiving

Webinar session recordings can be uploaded to the CourseStage LMS file repository.

Completion Verification

Length of user webinar attendance is tracked and calculated to verify completion of the session.