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Towards a “Maturity Model” for Learning Businesses

I have been a supporter and follower of Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele for almost a decade. I’ve interviewed them and reviewed their books for this blog.  Jeff’s book Leading the Learning Revolution is a reflective masterpiece that touches those of us who have been in educational technology since the pre-dot-com days. Not only that: it […]

It’s all about the Economy!

This is my first blog post since 2005, when I wrote about my experiences playing the video game, XMEN, for a class I was taking at the University of Wisconsin. Last week I became inspired by my holiday reading of David Merman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Well here I go…As an […]

Association LMS Report & the Entrepreneurial Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb of Tagoras Inc. recently released a report focused on learning management systems for associations. Find below my interview with Jeff, discussing not only the report but also his life as an entrepreneur and his quest for a balanced lifestyle. Full disclosure: Web Courseworks’ LMS called CourseStage is one of the featured systems in […]

Acton MBA Sims & Games: A Discussion with Clark Aldrich

Web Courseworks’ game developer, Joe Rheaume, and I recently interviewed author Clark Aldrich about his impressions of the Acton MBA School’s use of simulation games to teach business concepts. For complete disclosure purposes, my company Web Courseworks is one of the vendors for the Acton Foundation, and Clark Aldrich has provided consulting services for Acton […]

Managing eLearning

Guy Kawasaki’s continuous tweets have drilled the Alltop aggregate sites into my psyche, and there it was—a site for eLearning! To apply to be accepted, it required a blog name. After six months of blogging, I finally decided to name this blog: “Managing eLearning.” I will occasionally get into the weeds about eLearning tactical issues, […]