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Enabling Learning & Performance Analytics with xAPI


Mike Rustici, President of Watershed LRS, will be presenting “Enabling Learning & Performance Analytics with xAPI” on November 28th as part of our Thought Leaders Series Webinar! Mike started his career as an innovative software developer and, eventually, found his way into the world as an entrepreneur. He is currently helping companies understand if the […]

xAPI Gaining Traction: An interview with Megan Torrance

Megan Torrance, of TorranceLearning, had a strong presence on the exhibit floor and various sessions this year at DevLearn 2015. This interview was conducted to give readers a sense of what DevLearn was like from Megan’s perspective. You can also take a look at Dr. Aleckson and Dr. Hicken’s general take on DevLearn here. Megan […]

Tin Can – Sorting Through the Junk

An Internet Resources Review There are a lot of exciting things happening with Experience API this year, making our prediction for 2013 starting to potentially ring true—this new open source standard for eLearning interoperability is certainly gaining steam. Colloquially known as Tin Can, the standard makes big promises for the mobility and flexibility of data […]

Experience API: Will it sweep the eLearning nation?

AKA Tin Can While at the Learning 3.0 conference I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Rochelle of Brandon Hall and Aaron Silvers of ADL on the new emerging Experience API (also known as Tin Can) and have been given great insight.  Experience API is coding that tracks a person’s learning activity even if that […]