Transitioning from SCORM to xAPI


On October 5th, 2017, the Department of Defense announced that its eLearning curricula would adhere to xAPI standards rather than the more traditional SCORM standards of the eLearning industry. By “traditional”, I mean developed-in-the-year-2000-why-is-our-industry-still-using-17-year-old-technology traditional. Although I don’t expect instructional designers to leap from their desk chairs and start dancing in glee, the Department of […]

Experience API: Will it sweep the eLearning nation?

AKA Tin Can While at the Learning 3.0 conference I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Rochelle of Brandon Hall and Aaron Silvers of ADL on the new emerging Experience API (also known as Tin Can) and have been given great insight.  Experience API is coding that tracks a person’s learning activity even if that […]

Healthcare Education Technology Handshakes – 2012 MedBiquitous Conference

I am speaking on a panel this Friday at Johns Hopkins at the MedBiquious Conference.  Sounds really cool, but it’s really pretty geeky stuff.  I am still studying up on the various “interface” standards this group sets.  I hope to post an update on my understanding and reflection after the conference. The MedBiquitous Conference is over […]

Queen of Learning Objects

Karl Kapp’s blog mentions of Wisconsin Online Resource Center’s (Wisc-Online) practically free game templates inspired me to check in with the learning object project leader, Kay Chitwood, Director of Learning Innovations, at Fox Valley Technical College. What impressed me about what Kay’s group is doing in Appleton, WI. is that they stuck with the Learning […]