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Next-Generation CME

Medical learning network

New White Paper Surveys Recent Research on CME The field of medicine is constantly evolving. Every year, new medical treatments and technologies are developed that doctors must learn if they want to continue to provide the best possible care. An effective continuing medical education (CME) system is crucial for keeping diverse medical professionals apprised of […]

Gamification Basics

Gamification is revolutionizing the field of learning and development. That was the main thrust of the Game On! Gamification Strategies for Instructional Designers and Trainers skills seminar I led at the recent ASTD Chicagoland Chapter meeting at the DePaul University School for New Learning on September 18th. Using micro-credentials to reward users for acquiring new knowledge or […]

Association Learning – Promoted by Personify TV

Live from ASAE! Associations benefit greatly from the leadership that ASAE (American Society of Association Executives) provides in building a connected and vibrant “community of practice.”[1] Notably, ASAE puts on a yearly conference, inviting many prominent companies, speakers, and users to come share their experiences with technology, business innovations, and management techniques beneficial for their […]

2012 eLearning Predictions and How to Cope

With 2011 nearly behind us, I’d like to look ahead to the New Year and share my predictions for the eLearning industry and how to cope with the changes.  As is constant in the technology field, I believe eLearning will continue to evolve and change to better meet the needs of upcoming tech-savvy generations. I’ve divided […]

Associations’ Mission to Teach: Social Media vs. Formal Education

In the midst of the Digital Age, we have instant access to knowledge that was once difficult or impossible to find. “Just Google it”: a modern day mantra. Social media discussions have become a common way to obtain information. Relying on listservs to share information among a community of practitioners has evolved into launching social media networks. Educators, however, would argue that “informal learning”, although […]