White Papers

How CME is Changing: The Influence of Population Health, MACRA, & MIPS

AR and VR Augment Your Learning

Learn how three organizations collaborated together to collect learning data from medical simulators using xAPI


WCW-CHEST-Watershed xAPI Project

xAPI: Beyond the Hype

Performance Improvement Platforms


Improving Performance in the Workplace

Mobile Learning Case Studies

Recent Developments in Continuing Medical Education


Next-Generation CME

Using Badges to Drive Member Engagement: Badging Case Studies from the Association Space

A Roadmap for Authoring Performance Improvement Activities

10 Steps to Proving the Worth of Your Idea and Getting an eLearning Initiative Approved

10 Things MOOCs Do That You Can Use: Tips for Instructional Designers and LMS Administrators

CourseStage’s medical specialty-specific features allow CHEST to deliver both prescribed ACCME-accredited CME and board-accredited MOC activities and monitor progress ensuring learners are complying with organizational, licensure boards and other training requirements.


Physicians Use LMS to Improve Quality of Face-to-face Training

A quick & dirty guide to the development and processes we use to craft learning games and simulations.


Creating Serious Games and Simulations

An introduction to the selection process and how to use industry reports as a stepping stone.


Selecting Your Association LMS: In Three (Semi-) Easy Steps

An approach to determining a learning technology strategy of success and whether an LMS fits into it now, or in the future.


When to Adopt an LMS Into Your Association

Building authentic opportunities for medical professionals to manage complex clinical situations and practice making important diagnoses and treatment decisions.


Virtual Patient Scenario Authoring: Tips & Guidelines for Success